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What I Can Do For You


Sometimes there are circumstances or periods in your life when talking to family or friends does not feel comfortable or it is just not enough to help you alleviate the anxiety you are experiencing. This might be a time in your life when something is amiss and you are really not sure of the way ahead or you may even be in a place where you are fearful of the future and things may feel out of your control which can be overwhelming and sometimes almost unbearable.

In my therapy clinic in central Hove, nationally/internationally and on the telephone I have helped many individuals and couples that have felt there is no solution to their anguish.  I can offer you non-judgemental counselling support in a confidential, friendly and safe environment, whether you are straight or gay, transsexual or transgender or whatever your race or social background.

Problems with sex are very often topics that are avoided at all costs and as a highly trained sex therapist with many years’ experience of counselling  individuals and couples who are having difficulties with their sex life I can provide the environment and specialism required to dispel myths, alleviate the tension and go on to develop a personalised treatment plan for this very sensitive arena.

For couples who are either married or in a partnership, separated, divorced or divorcing I provide the third person, creating a safe container to explore the very often difficult problems that couples encounter in their life.

As a fully trained and qualified sex addiction therapist I can give my clients with compulsive sexual behaviours, be that porn addiction or sex addiction where they may be struggling with unwanted sexual behaviours, the opportunity to discover what triggers these behaviours and to recover from the chains of addiction.

I also work with the partners of addicts who, on discovery or disclosure are left feeling traumatised and lost.  I can help recovery from this trauma and see light where there was once just bleakness.  As a fully qualified and trained couples therapist I can also see the couple who are impacted by these behaviours and guide them through the maze of emotions that are inevitable in these situations.

The space I provide whether face to face or online gives you the opportunity to discover and explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may have been obstructing how you function in your life. This in turn will facilitate you changing the way you are in the world and together we can enable you to fulfil your potential and continue your life with your new found sense of well-being.

This web-site has been the initial step for many of my clients on their successful road to emotional and/or psychological well-being.

Face 2 Face appointments at my clinic in Hove.

Telephone and on-line appointments using Zoom or Skype 

Contact me to arrange a confidential appointment

Psychotherapy/Counselling. Brighton, Hove, Internationally

Sex Therapy - Psychosexual Therapy.  Brighton, Hove,  Internationally

Sex Addiction Therapy. Brighton,  Hove,  Internationally

Partner of Sex Addiction Support and Therapy. Brighton, Hove, Internationally

Relationship Counselling/Therapy. Brighton, Hove,  Internationally

Divorce Mentoring/Counselling.  Brighton, Hove, Internationally

End of Relationship Counselling/Therapy. Brighton, Hove,  Internationally

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