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Online Therapy

Online therapy is available via video conferencing services on your desktop or mobile device and some clients are surprised how convenient it can be.

Being cautious when online is sensible as there are less than reputable sites out there. It is worth researching the credibility of on line services which is why I use Zoom and Skype and if you need me to I can guide you through the process as if you were in my clinic.​​

Using an on line platform can seem a little uncomfortable if you are unused to the format but in reality you really do not have to be technologically minded to use online therapy and I will do all I can to support you. 

The added bonus of on-line therapy is the variety of locations you as clients can communicate from - my clients that are concerned about privacy in their home have used their car, the end of the garden or even the shed.  The creativity is endless and some clients like the comfort of being in their own space for therapy.  I have found that couples therapy can work just as well online and many couples are surprised at how relaxed they feel, especially when one of the couple is reluctant to attend my clinic for couples therapy.

Desktop Workspace

If you have chosen to use Zoom, as soon as you have booked your appointment I will send you a link to Zoom via email and at your appointment time all you have to do is click on the link in that email. Simply follow the instructions that will appear on your screen.

If you have chosen to use Skype I will contact you via your Skype address at the appointed time.

If you would like to keep your email address private then please use an email address that only you have access to.

The fee for online therapy is the same as clinic based appointments.

Contact me to arrange a confidential appointment​​


Desktop Workspace
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