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Individual Counselling/Psychotherapy

I provide counselling that is helpful for any time in your life; perhaps during a period of transition when you need to focus on a specific issue or problem, or to provide you with the time and space to explore core thoughts or emotions.

Or you may wish to seek counselling at a time when your life feels stuck or indeed when a relationship has come to an end and the grief feels overwhelming, when perhaps there is anger and conflict in your life and the way you communicate is no longer helpful to you.

In my  clinic in central Hove, nationally/internationally, on-line and by telephone I provide the counselling which can assist you in considering the changes you may wish to make in order to enhance your life and decide on how best to achieve those changes. It can help you to recognise, understand and build on your strengths and inner resources.

Very often counselling and psychotherapy can merge.

Certain issues sometimes necessitate a greater degree of healing and psychotherapy is a therapy that can explore unconscious conflicts and can offer you the chance to gain a greater insight and understanding of yourself.

It can enable you to develop your full potential in how you relate to others by increasing your knowledge of how your past – your there and then – can impact on how you live in the present – your here and now – and psychotherapy can help you to discard those chains that shackle you to an unhelpful past and allow you to set yourself free.

Psychotherapy can enable you to overcome many addictions and self destructive patterns of behaviour that may be hindering your journey to a relaxed and fulfilling life.

My initial training in therapeutic talking therapy was of 4 years duration and I obtained a Certificate in Transactional Analysis and thus in my clinic in central Hove, nationally/internationally on line or telephone I can provide that space that allows you to discover who you can be.

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