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End of Relationship Counselling

In my therapy clinic in Hove, nationally/internationally on-line or on the telephone I work with clients where a marriage or long term relationship has come to an end and they are experiencing huge emotional pain and confusion. There may be children who can get caught in the middle who may feel the chaos and loss that separation or divorce often creates.

Plans, hopes and dreams come crashing to an end and the life you had anticipated is in tatters.

Friends and relatives can become entangled and torn over divided loyalties. This can often result in unmanageable amounts of sorrow, anger, disappointment and bitterness at the loss and subsequent adjustment required to work through this period.

Utilising my specialised counselling I work with couples who have decided to end their relationship, enabling them to process distressing emotional states and to better manage the ending which in turn assists to reduce the pain and distress for themselves and family members.

If you are going through such an ending it may feel that life cannot carry on, but through my help and support a new life can be rebuilt. Happiness can often be found again from many sources. Confidence and self-esteem can grow and careers can develop again.

Contact me to arrange a confidential appointment 

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