Divorce Mentor/Counselling

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Divorce Mentor/Counselling Brighton and Hove

My experience as a divorce mentor in Brighton and Hove has taught me that individuals going through divorce can sometimes be overwhelmed in the solicitors’ office with all the information being put in front of them.  My divorce counselling can help organise and untangle the thoughts and emotions that are inevitable at this time as well as assist in the divorce strategy that they want.  As a divorce mentor I can help individuals navigate the precarious journey through this change in their lives and in my experience my clients value the sensitive and practical help I can give them from an unbiased and non- judgemental facilitator.

My clients have found that having sessions with me during the divorce process has really helped the transition and moreover the lawyers tell me that their lives are calmer when they have clients who have had the opportunity to seek my help.

If you are about to divorce, are in the process of divorce or have recently divorced then please contact me: