Partner of Sex Addict Counselling/Support

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Partner of Sex Addict Counselling Support

The discovery of a sex addiction is not like the discovery of an affair and the betrayal devastates the partner in a way that most people simply cannot understand.

The secrecy and lies associated with a sexual addiction and the accompanying behaviours traumatises the partner and they often feel they can never trust that person they mistakenly thought they knew ever again.  Will that person ever be trustworthy again?  Will they ever recover from the sense of loss they feel for the relationship they thought they once had?  They are frightened that to trust again and forgive opens them up to vulnerability to more hurt and gives permission for the partner to “act out” again.

With professional help the sex addict can get into recovery, the relationship can stabilise and trust can be restored.  But the addict will, in all probability, be in recovery for the rest of their lives and the partner needs to be able to manage this.  In my experience the partner needs space and time to heal from the trauma of discovery and then more of the same to contemplate the future.  Be that with the addict in recovery or without.

The voyage to recovery is a tough one and it is ultimately best undertaken with a professional sex addiction therapist who knows what the couple are going through.